Raphy Mendoza 

Graphic Design, Brand Strategy and Illustrations

Branding is all about differentiation – doing something that nobody else is. It goes beyond the logo, the colour scheme and any creative element outputted by a designer; it’s also about how a company decides to position itself in the market (which is reinforced by the aesthetics such as logos and colours), and furthermore it’s about the consumers respond to this positioning, often re-positioning and re-shaping the company’s identity.

In short, a brand is created through a transactional (literally and socially) relationship between a company, it’s product and its consumers.

As I designer, I make sure that you look the part of whoever you say you are. As a brand strategist, I help you work out what you are, and why you’re different, in the first place.

Oh and also, I live in Stroud, which I think makes me very very cool.