Logo and Identity – BLACK BOOK CAFE


Black Book Café is definitely one of my most favourite Stroud hangouts. The walls are lined with books from floor to ceiling creating a nice library-esque atmosphere that is conducive to productivity. As such, it’s attracted a unique clientele of self-employed creatives who love working whilst absorbing the hustle and bustle of Stroud town visible through the large big windows overlooking it all. So, needless to say, I was very excited to have landed this project!


Left: Black Book Cafe Logo, Design by Raphy Mendoza

Right: Black Book Cafe, signage concept. Design by Raphy Mendoza

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp

Black Book Cafe, Mock-Up signage. Logo design by Raphy Mendoza, Mock-Up Template from graphicsburger.com


Black Book Cafe Menu, Design by Raphy Mendoza


Black Book Cafe Loyalty Cards, Design by Raphy Mendoza