GraphyX Design Forum is exactly that – a forum on which graphic designs and illustrations can be explored and shared with others. It’s based on the premise that art is an important and wonderful part of living, and is and should be accessible to everybody. Featured illustrators and designers do not necessarily have to be professional creatives, or to have studied a design.

Art is affordable; owning art is not just about having a huge space to hang paintings. It can be worn too! Functional things can be artistic and creative. And hey – it doesn’t even have to be in colour!

So I started by having a handful of my black and white illustrations printed on t-shirts, bags, posters and greetings cards. As I was doing my research to get stock in, it dawned on me that there’s so much wastefulness in the way that we consume. I mean, not for the first time – I’ve always tried to upcycled and buy ethical stuff. But I never had to consider my actions in such a big way.

I started to think about where the ink would come from… What about the fabric? Where would it be made? By whom? With what? What about energy? Paper? Packaging?! Dear God, packaging! So after a lot of research and a sudden obsession with my toilet paper consumption…

I found Earth Positive, which supplies all of our t-shirts and bags. All of our fabric is 100% organic cotton, fairly traded and manufactured using only wind and solar energy. Papers used for our posters and cards are 100% recycled, made using eco-friendly inks. All our packaging and labels are made with recycled paper/cardboard and/or biodegradable ‘plastics’.

Our e-commerce website is on its way and will be on

See you there!

White on Black Logo

Logo Design by Raphy Mendoza

Black and White Illustrations by Raphy Mendoza

Poster Design by Raphy Mendoza

Instagram Look Book Design by Raphy Mendoza

CoupleTopViewB&W 5-7

LogoCouple B&W Square

Male Model: Saul Matthew Bateman

Female Modle: Yvonne Umali

Photography by Raphy Mendoza