Logo and Identity – The Politics Kitchen


Logo Design by Raphy Mendoza

Here is the logo and identity I created for The Politics Kitchen. I have to say that this was one of the most challenging designs I have embarked upon, simply because it’s so difficult to underpin what The Politics Kitchen IS, and what its aims and intentions are.

This is our mission statement (it might help):

“The Politics Kitchen’s intention is to create a collective intent to ‘heal’ our democracy by exploring the political patterns to which we identify and define others, thus shaping our knowing of ‘Politics’. We do this through open-hearted dialogue, in order that we can un-conceal our common political desires, aches and joys, creating a platform for political transformation.”

I think that the national and global situation – unrest in the middle east, refugee crises, terrorism, healthcare, increasing rates of mental illness, increasing rates of obesity, the environment etc. – requires an approach that is unknown to us in the political arena. These issues are intrinsically intertwined; the refugee crisis and terrorism are both concretely part of the wars in the middle east. Increasing rates of obesity and health issues stem from our culture around food which is becoming increasingly disconnected with the land, which in turn perpetuates an unconscious disregard for the planet’s well-being. And we, as a species, are undeniably entangled.

The Politics Kitchen proposes that the approach be holistic, requiring a collective intent and coming together of each individual. By finding that which connects us all through active listening within the political arena, the intent is to have new possibilities emerge.

So, the preliminary conversation went something like that. This was the first of my creative execution of this dialogue, which I can only hope does the purpose and vision of The Politics Kitchen justice.


An apple because of Adam and Eve. Bear with me…

We ate the apple, so humanity was to be exiled from paradise. We were, thereafter, left to our own devices, amidst the existence of both good, as well as evil. Order and chaos. We developed government and politics. This is our shared history; whether we take the story of Adam and Eve as a metaphor or literally, it is clear that we live in a world of good and evil, and we are finding a way of coping with that.

The Politics Kitchen proposes that the ‘un-concealing’ of what we truly feel – our wants, fears, and need for health, economic and social security – is the key to addressing the issues at hand. Beneath the story of the apple – the ideologies to which we align ourselves in order to navigate the world of good and evil – is the Earth that we all share.

The Politics Kitchen is about believing that we can transform politics. We can transform our world. We simply have to peel off the layers of the ‘poison apple’, which has given us a particularly lens through which we see the political world; maybe we haven’t been kicked out of paradise; the Earth IS our paradise and we need to reclaim it.

But, this can only happen through open-heartedness and a willingness to bring to the open our ‘shit’ – what’s truly in our hearts (hence the heart shape!). The Politics Kitchen facilitates this space on Stroud’s High Street every Friday and Saturday morning – a space for all to hear and be heard.

Apologies for the essay, but I’m wella-freaking proud of this one!


A postcard design because who doesn’t love merchandise. A quote on which The Politics Kitchen’s ethos is nicely captured by Terry Tempest Williams

Postcard Design by Raphy Mendoza

 An ‘About Us’ flyer. They say print work is dying, but not in Stroud… I love using quotes for The Politics Kitchen because… well. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. This one is for Albert Schweitzer. There’s a lot being said about authenticity, with which I am totally on board. However, there is much more to be said about kindess too.

Flyer Design by Raphy Mendoza

Aaaand some stickers. Because I like merchandise and you know you do too.


Sticker Design by Raphy Mendoza

And some event posters too. I told you, print isn’t dead in Stroud ;).



Poster Designs by Raphy Mendoza