Flyer – HCPT 670 Switzerland

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Johnson as a client and as a friend, and here is a flyer I created for him to support the brand new group travelling with HCPT to Lourdes for the first time in Easter 2017.

To find out more, check out the website (also created by me) on

HCPT is an important cause and organisation for me. 8 years (??) ago I first travelled to Lourdes as part of the St. Peter’s 6th Form Lourdes group as a helper. As a group, we spent countless hours organising and helping out at school events to order to raise funds in order that we can sponsor children with disabilities to travel to Lourdes on a holiday. We spend the whole of Easter week in Lourdes as the children’s full-time helpers. I was a helper again and again for about four years, until my financial situation made it unviable.

It was a pivotal moment in my life. You know like how on Doctor Who there are certain points in history that you can’t screw with? Well, Lourdes was one of those for my life. There’s really little more I can say, but if you’re at all interested, check out HCPT’s website.


Flyers designed by Raphy Mendoza