Poster Design – Spiro

I have had the pleasure of being involved with both Hattie Briggs (Stroud’s very own, of course) and SPIRO (Bristol, another one of my beloved places I like to call ‘home turf’) through The Politics Kitchen (see my branding work here). Jennifer Maidman and her partner were also two of the most amazing and alive performers I have ever come across. Very, very grateful indeed.


Poster Design by Raphy Mendoza


Sometimes, it’s just about doing whatever the hell you like and you think looks good. That’s largely what happened here. It helped tremendously that I had already done a comprehensive branding package for the Politics Kitchen, so it was really about carrying those elements through whilst also bringing much of the focus to the headline band.

The typography was a given, the┬ácolour┬áscheme was a given… everything else was free play and it was a lot of fun. I was actually listening to Spiro on Spotify whilst I was making this. I started with fairly boring love hearts that were irritating me and really doing nothing for the design, but there’s something about Spiro’s music that made me think of ‘Galaxies’ – some paint and some patterns and boom. It just came together and I almost had nothing to do with it.

I love it when that happens.

Filming and Photography by Raphy Mendoza

The event that night at the SubRooms was truly phenomenal. Jennifer Maidman opened the show and held the entire audience (of over 200) in such a beautiful way; she just hugged the entire room with her voice. Hattie Briggs sang like an angel from Stroud, with a way of being present that was a joy to witness. Spiro closed the night with phenomenal musicality and brought to The Politics Kitchen team an energy that just kept going, and going and going for weeks.




Facebook Banner Design by Raphy Mendoza


Digital Poster Design by Raphy Mendoza