Identity System, Print and Digital Collateral

Swiss Society for Systems Engineering

What our client said…

RCM Creative is the creative mastermind behind the graphical appearance of the Swiss Systems Engineering Conference (SWISSED). 

Direct communication, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to understand the needs of our engineering community have created great conference branding – for many years already. RCM Creative embraces our engineering perspective, and complements it with a sense of aesthetics. We are grateful for this excellent collaboration! 

– Dr. David Zuend (Event Organiser, SWISSED)

Responsive Logo Design

From SWISSED 2018 – 2022

Brand Colour Pallette and Motifs

From SWISSED 2018 – 2022






Print Collateral – Posters

From SWISSED 2018 – 2022

Print Collateral – Brochures and Flyers

From SWISSED 2018 – 2019

Digital Assets – Digital Brochures

From SWISSED 2020 – 2022

Digital Assets – Email Signatures and Banners

From SWISSED 2019 – 2022

What our client said…

Many thanks for your good work. It is really the first time in my life I saw a positive example of a designer building up on a design concept developed by another designer! 

– Gregor Schutz (Event Organiser, SWISSED)

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