We help businesses lead with purpose, and build a brand that their customers love.

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How do you do that, then?


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We collaborate with small-medium businesses like you on:

Brand Strategy

Discovering your purpose, vision and values, and who are the people out there who share these (your customers).

Identity System

Creating an identity design that works as a whole system that tells the world who you are, and why your customers should choose you.

Creative Assets

All other creative bits and bobs (website, videos, print) so you can delight your customers each time they encounter your brand.

Social Media and Marketing

Putting all the above to work, so your customers can find exactly what they need (you) at the right time.

I see… what else do you do?

Again, so glad you asked! Below is just about everything that we do. If, for some reason, something isn’t there… just ask. We may be able to recommend you to someone in our (very cool) network.


Brand Strategy

Identity System

Website Design

SEO & Copywriting

Social Media

Digital Templates

Print Collateral

Digital Marketing

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I haven’t  thought about my brand…

Or my business name, or my product range or… anything. Let alone strategy?!


That’s why we’re here!  🎉

Welcome to the start of your Brand Journey. Click the button below to find out about how we’ll work with you to establish your purpose and vision, creating a foundation for everything else thereafter.

I already have a strategy, I just need…

Creative assets that will make your customers fall in love with your brand? Like… a landing page, or some brand spanking new packaging?

We’ve got you. 😉

Perhaps you have a big project you want to launch as part of your brand and want a new website. Or maybe something small like a door sign for you swish new offices. Or you just need someone who knows what they’re doing to manage your social media.

Whatever it is, we have the package that’s right for you.

What people say about us.

RCM Creative was integral to the start-up, maturity and much of the success of SE-Training.  Raphy and her team single-handedly developed a distinctive, strong and effective company brand, creating many marketing artifacts, enabling our company to advance rapidly into our key market areas. 

– Michael Johnson (Co-Founder of SE-Training GmbH)

What people say about us.

Raphy’s designs specs were the most detailed I’ve had to work with. It allowed me to focus on the technical side instead of trying to make up missing pieces. As a result we were able to go further than I initially planned with the project; we both had a satisfied client and a smooth experience.

While precise, Raphy was still open to changes when technical restriction limited us or when the client wanted something different. In those case she would work with us to find solutions and compromises. Her technical knowledge allowed for swift conversations and understanding of the situations.


– Rémi Lopes (Web Developer, Be With Books)

What people say about us.

Very pleased with RCM Creative’s design work. Quick, responsive and good designs.

– Chris Head (Comedian and Workshop Facilitator)

What people say about us.

RCM creative has been instrumental in the beginning stages of our brand’s development process and has assisted us for the past 5+ years with our vision and goals.  I would highly recommend Raphy for her design work ability, responsiveness and the ability to develop and implement a comprehensive brand strategy.

– Irma Esterhuizen (C.O.O., SE-Training GmbH)

What people say about us.

As a copywriter it was refreshing to work with Raphy. I always knew what my brief was, and she never failed to surprise me with her design knowledge. She is a creative wizard who gets the job done.

– Tanith Watson (Copywriter, Freelance)

What people say about us.

Raphy was extremely competent in creating a customer journey map for my company, extracting relevant information for the brand identity. The design realisation of the logo and other assets were consequently very aligned. 

– Dmitry Tchoubraev (Tchoubraev Energy Digitalisation, Consultant)

What people say about us.

I had all these ideas in my head and even though I consider myself to be a good communicator I found it difficult to articulate my brand vision , purpose, and values.

Raphy took her time to understand who I was, my strengths and my vision and was able to bring all this into a brand strategy document.

Raphy works with professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. I would recommend Raphy to anyone starting out on a journey or even those who are looking for a refresh. 

– Willorna Brock (Goshenn HR)

What people say about us.

RCM Creative is the creative mastermind behind the graphical appearance of the Swiss Systems Engineering Conference (SWISSED).

Direct communication, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to understand the needs of our engineering community have created great conference branding – for many years already. RCM embraces our engineering perspective and complements it with a sense of aesthetics. We are grateful for this excellent collaboration!

– Dr. David Zuend (Event Organiser, SWISSED)

What people say about us.

I reached out to Raphy because our challenge was to find a brand designer, who firstly understands our specialized engineering domain, and secondly brands us the way we are, i.e., authentically, professionally, and correctly. Raphy nailed it from the beginning! We have been working happily with Raphy since 2018 on multiple projects, she is very creative, professional, highly skilled, and simply the best. Thanks, Raphy!”_

Mohammad Chami (CEO, SysDICE GmbH)

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