What is Loyalty Club?

It’s for those of you who know that you’re going to need regular monthly support for the indefinite future. Maybe you’d like to have monthly accountability calls to make sure you’re working ON your business, and not just in it. Perhaps you need us to take care of content creation and make sure you stay active and relevant across your socials. Or it could be that you need an in-house marketing team to deliver a whole variety of assets, but you’re not ready to scale just yet and we can bridge that gap for you.

Whatever it happens to be, we can create the perfect Loyalty Club package that gives exactly what you need – no more and no less.

How would your Loyalty Club package look like?

Once your Brand Strategy and Identity System are in place, your runway to all other design assets should be smooth and clear. To make sure that you make the most of your monthly Loyalty Club budget, you want to be clear on exactly what it is that you need done on a regular basis. You also want to make sure that these activities are adding value to your business, and are aligned with your short, medium and long-term goals. 

If you don’t yet have a Brand Strategy and Identity System in place, see how we can help you with Your Brand Journey.

Tier 1

The ‘Credit Saver’

  • You purchase an amount of ‘credits’ per month that works for your needs and budget. One credit equals one day of our time. 
  • If you don’t use your credits, you can roll it over to the next month. Credits expire after 6 months, and they are non-refundable.
  • If you use up your credits and need more work, you can purchase more credits on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.
  • On completion of each project, we will give you a breakdown of work done, the cost in credits and your remaining balance.
Tier 2

The ‘Cappuccino-to- Go’


  • We know your order, we make it perfectly each time and you don’t even need to ask. 
  • Maybe it’s social media management, or content creation for your blog, or growing your mailing list and generating sales leads. We get clear on exactly what you need us to deliver, and we do just that each month.
  • You will get a monthly report on how the project does against its objectives, and a monthly check-in (up to 1 hour) to see if anything needs to be adjusted.
Tier 3

The ‘All-You-Can-Eat’

  • You can have whatever you need from our Service Guide delivered to you within 3-5 days of the request. Once you email in your request, we will either confirm the completion date or ask for a call to clarify the brief. 

  • For regular services (such as social media management, or SEO and content creation), you will get a monthly report on work done, and how we’ve done against the project goals.
  • You will also get a monthly and quarterly check-in (up to 2 hours) to assess and review your goals, and make sure that we’re delivering the right work.

Which services can I use Loyalty Club pricing for?

You can use any pricing structure that works for you on any of our service. However, ongoing deliverables such as social media management lend themselves nicely to Loyalty Club. It means you can keep a certain level of activity running without going over budget. This is especially useful for things like content creation, since there is no limit to production besides time and money! 

Social Media Management

SEO and Copywriting

Digital Marketing & Advertising

What are the benefits of Loyalty Club?

A support team that knows your business well

Over time, we get to know you and how your work flows. We do our best to adapt to your way of working, and to anticipate your needs.

Your marketing 'to-do's' managed for you

We get it, there’s a lot things to do to keep a business running. We can take care of some of that for you, so you can focus on keeping the business growing.

We pro-actively plan the next steps with you

The more we get to know your day-to-day workflow, we will be able to help you plan the next steps so you can stay ahead.

Fixed monthly budget with no surprises

We agree a monthly budget according to what you need – no more, no less… and no surprises! So you can keep your cashflow as predictable as possible.

One point of contact who manages your account

Whatever you need from us, you know who to get in touch with. No need to work out who is in charge of who – you can leave all that to us!

Top-notch communication so we're always aligned

Whatever we’re delivering for you, you will receive regular updates of our activity, making sure we’re doing what you need us to be doing at any given time.

Ready to get started?

Wherever you are on your brand journey, we can provide you with a strong arsenal of creative assets that will help you meet your business goals and stay aligned with your true mission.

Book a free 30-minute "Hello Call" below, and let's see where we can take you 😊.