About Us

More about the people behind RCM Creative… and the core purpose, vision and values that drive us to help you lead with your own purpose, and build a brand your customers love.


Empowering business owners to access their full self-expression.

When we say ‘self-expression’, we mean living, working and communicating by the values that make us who we fundamentally are. Perhaps you’re an artist, a musician, a cook… a business owner. Whatever it is that you’re creating and putting out into the world, we’re here to make sure that it’s an expression of you.

Help you lead with purpose, and access your full self-expression – that’s how we do business.


People being who they are. 

Our vision isn’t something to complete. It’s something we live from. It’s deep commitment to other human beings leading a life – and a business – that’s wholly and totally aligned to who they are, and what they’re on this planet to do.

Our vision isn’t ‘original’. We want to participate in a much bigger vision that isn’t ours alone. A vision that’s shared with others doing other things – writers, lawyers, fashionistas, academics…

People being who they are, is why we do business.

Our Values

These are the principles that guide what we do, and how we do it. Nothing is ever fixed… but these are our truths.

Feeling over Thinking

We pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities, and sometimes we’re even pretty clever (if we say so ourselves). But thinking is not the same as being thoughtful – and kind. Kindness is underrated. We live among trolls and haters in this digital age… and we want to be kind anyway.

When we feel, we listen. We want to listen to who you are, and what it is that gets you out of bed each morning. What it is you love. We don’t just want to hear your problems and give you solutions – we’ll do that, but we know there’s more to business than that.


Making over Knowing

When we don’t know, we regain our child-like innocence. Our curiosity.

When we’re curious, it’s harder to hold on to our beliefs about ‘how it should be’. There’s more room for just going out and making things, and making mistakes. There’s more room for inspiration and creativity.

We have amassed great knowledge over our time. But it’s only as relevant as our willingness to make things and do things… and not know anything.

Boldness over Sureness

“Boldness has genius, power and magic in it… Begin it now.”

That was Goethe. Whatever it is that’s brought you here, we’ll fuel your spark with boldness to ‘just start’. If we waited until we were 100% sure of everything before taking action, we never would have got started. We believe in stepping boldly into the unknown, sure of nothing yet guided by our experience, our intuition, and our willingness to see what else is possible.

The Team

Raphy Mendoza

Brand Strategist and Designer

I love working with people to find their voice and self-expression. Since 2015 when I started RCM Creative, that calling has taken the form of facilitating workshops with small businesses to discover their brand’s purpose and vision, and translating that into a strategy and meaningful designs.

Before that, I worked in Steiner education with young people with neurodiversity and disabilities. It was an enormous privilege to work so intimately with people’s lives. I got to know their deeply held dreams and what makes them feel most alive. I saw what they feared, and worked with them to see those fears and ‘do it anyway’.

Shortly after starting RCM Creative, I began training as a coach and programme organiser at Concord Institute. There, I likewise worked with people such that they could make a difference in their lives, health and well-being.

All these experiences have ingrained in me a belief that I still hold today – that each individual has something unique to contribute to our world. It would be relatively straightforward to create pretty – even beautiful, or awesome – designs. I want to go deeper than that, and make sure that what I’m designing speaks of who you are, what you do and why it matters.

Phillipa James

Marketing Strategist and SEO Specialist

As an award-winning marketer with 20 years of experience, I’ve navigated the vast seas of European marketing, serving as an interim CMO and leading my own agency. My journey has been about fostering growth – from stabilising startups to scaling SMEs from £100k to £1.5 million in turnover. What excites me most is crafting marketing strategies that not only resonate but also deliver tangible results.

I’ve always seen myself as a ‘jack of all trades.’ This perspective allows me to appreciate the bigger picture in marketing, understanding how an organisation operates, who their customers are, and the best ways to reach them. My empathy not only aids in collaborating with teams but also in deeply understanding our clients’ customers.

One of my most challenging yet enriching experiences was making tough decisions about staffing during critical business phases. These moments, though hard, have shaped my approach to leadership and teamwork.

Beyond work, I chair the Dyslexia Association of London and volunteer with a health and wellbeing charity, blending my professional skills with my passion for social impact. Music is my sanctuary – writing songs, singing, and playing the bass offer me a creative outlet. I also relish exploring new food places and unwinding at the spa.

I am a Chartered Marketer, equipped with the latest in Digital Marketing qualifications. My career is a tapestry of the opportunities given to me and the trust instilled by my clients. It’s this blend of experiences, continuous learning, and meaningful connections that drive my passion for marketing.