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What even is a brand?



Good question…

Your brand is NOT your logo.

Your brand is not your logo. 

It’s not your product, and it’s not even your identity. It’s the ineffable quality that people experience when all the different elements of your business come together. It’s the sum that’s bigger than all the parts. 

This journey starts with discovering your purpose and vision, the ‘why’ that gives direction to everything you do.  

Starting on a Brand Journey is right for you if you are:
  • A brand new start-up, and this is your first adventure in business.
  • An experienced entrepreneur with several businesses, and want to unify your projects under one brand.
  • A serial entrepreneur, ready to launch your next business.  
  • An established small-medium business and you want to reposition yourself in the market with a new look and feel, to help you reach new business goals. 
  • Launching a new project under the umbrella of an existing company and this new venture requires its own identity. 

1. Brand Strategy

Purpose (what you’re doing) and Vision (why you’re doing it) is the foundation of your brand. Without clarity on this, we can create designs that are aesthetically good – awesome, even – but it won’t be aligned with your business goals.

In our Brand Strategy sessions, we will discover (or re-discover) the core purpose, vision and values of your business. We will establish who your customers are and how to position your brand so they can find you.

Download the session outline here. 

2. Identity System

Your identity system is one of the lynchpins of your brand, which includes all the sensory elements that your customers experience when they encounter you. Your logo colour scheme, type, icons, photos, tone of voice… All of these elements work as one cohesive system that communicates who you are to your customers, and why they should choose you over others in your industry. 

Download RCM Creative’s identity guide here. 

3. Creative Assets

These are all the other creative bits and bobs that you need to get your business out there. Thing like your website, social media posts, packaging and posters. Each one of these artifacts are a touch point for your customers, and an opportunity for you remind them of you who are and why they should choose your services over your competitors’.

Loosely these assets are categorised into: web design, landing pages, social media assets, print collateral and digital templates. 

To see examples of creative assets, check out our portfolio. 


4. Marketing Strategy

This is where rubber meets the road, as they say. Once you’re clear about your brand, your product and the creative assets you need to connect with your customers, it’s time to get your business out into the market place. Depending on your business and industry, there are many different ways you can approach this.

For example, if you are selling products directly to customers, we might create a strategy that focuses on SEO, Paid Social Media Advertising and Google Ads. On the other hand, if you are primarily targeting other businesses, we might focus more on create Thought Leadership content and building your LinkedIn audience.

We partner with Almond Marketing to deliver high quality digital marketing strategy and execution that drives results. You can find out more about them here. 


Can I see some examples of what I’ll have by the end of my Brand Journey?

Yes! We can send you some examples of the brand deliverables below. Please send us an email telling us what you’d like to see, and tell us a bit about your business as well. This will help us choose the best examples that would be most useful for you to see. 

Please note that we don’t send examples for a Marketing Strategy because this tends to be super bespoke depending on your target audience, your industry and your time/budget commitments for marketing activities. We don’t want to mislead you by showing you a marketing strategy that may not work for your business niche at all. 


Brand Strategy Session Outline


Brand Strategy Sample Document

Identity System Sample Guide

Creative Assets Sample Package

Ok. I just have a few more questions…



Ask away! 

We have put together some FAQs below, but if we haven’t answered your questions feel free to shoot as an email. 

What's the investment?

It depends. We know, 🙄… but it really does depend on many factors such as the size of your business, the price point of the product you offer, the project revenue increase as a result of our work with you, the project’s timeline… 

We have 3 different pricing structures:

  • Fixed Fee Projects – Perfect for deliverables that you’ll only need once like your brand strategy or identity system. 
  • Loyalty Club – Our retainer model in which you can pay a monthly subscription of ‘credits’, that can be rolled over to the next month (up to 6 months). This allows you to spread the cost of long-term projects such as content creation, and website maintenance without having to over-pay for quiet months. 
  • VIP Days – These are designed to give you our 100% focused attention over short period of time. This is perfect for projects that have a very tight turn around such as a product or event launch. 

The best thing to do is book a call, and we’ll be happy to create a bespoke quote for you. 

Do I have to take all four steps?

No, each step are a distinct deliverable on their own. However, they do all connect with each other. For example, if you already have a brand strategy and identity system, but you want a new website, we can start with step three. 

Or if you came to us and you already have a website and and a marketing strategy but you’re not driving the results you want, we might recommend that we revisit your brand strategy and identity system to see if there’s anything missing from that step. 

I'm still not sure if I need Brand Strategy, or if I just need graphic design work...

This is another ‘it depends’ question. Depending on where you are in your journey and the size of you business, this may be the case. We’d be happy to offer you graphic design services, or refer you to others in our network who might be a better fit. 

The best thing to do is to book a call with us, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Are you ready to get started?



I’m ready! What do we do now?!

Whoop!!  🎉

So glad to have you on board! We’re very excited to start on this journey with you!

The next thing to do is to book a free 30-minute “Hello Call” by clicking the button below, and let’s see where we can take you 😃. 

I think I just need some design work done…

Sure thing. 😉

Take a look at the whole range of creative services we have on offer (button below). If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, ping us an email and we can hook you up with someone from our network. You can also click on to ‘How We Work’, to find out more about our pricing packages.

I’m not ready for any of this, but let’s keep in touch!

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